Sunday, April 6, 2008

Topping with Style

Jon and I always look forward to topping especially now that we have the two vintages to compare in barrel. I have to admit, the toys are fun too, like these hat light clips. When we walk to the barrel room, we get more than a few odd looks. We're ever so careful while topping every 3 weeks to maintain the perfect level in each barrel. Though we may appear to be Lodi cave dwellers (in Lodi?), these lights eliminate any guess work. We have alot of faith in what we're doing, but in this case, seeing is believing!
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Jon Bjork said...

These really are great clip lights. I was using a head-strap-mounted light for years that I thought was fantastic, but these new lights are even better.

I still wish I could find something that would make it easier to know when I was getting near the end of filling a barrel, so I could go faster without creating a red gusher. It really sneaks up on you quickly!