Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bud Break Arrives

This morning I decided to take a walk through the Belle Colline vineyard to see how the different varietals were timing this year's bud break. This is the Syrah 470 clone from the lower block, the same block that's in our first release and already made it into our second release.

On the upper block near the top of the hill of Belle Colline is the Petite Sirah vineyard. The buds are smaller than the Syrah 470 - thumb-nail size and smaller.

About 12 miles west of the rolling hills of Belle Colline on the valley floor is Larry Mettler's Petite Sirah vineyard. We plan on working with Larry's Petite Syrah in this 2008 harvest to see if it can be a part of the Panthos program. The difference in this vineyards' earlier bud break is obvious to the eye.
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