Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lodi Harvest off to Fast Start

Looks like the harvest in Lodi is off to a fast start. One of our growers, Bokisch Ranches, is booked solid with requests to harvest Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. Borra will be picking Chardonnay tomorrow morning in Clements at 17-19 Brix for sparkling.

The weather has continued to be optimal for weeks. We’ll only begin to brush a hundred degrees this week as a ridge of high pressure moves up from the southwestern deserts, followed by increased humidity from monsoons to the south.

The early-season frosts, combined with wind during fruit-set have contributed to smaller berries and loose, lighter clusters. All indications point to an overall lighter harvest.

The lighter crop load, combined with optimal ripening conditions and less ground water is bringing harvest sooner than everyone thought.

About a month ago, many believed we’d be one to two weeks behind. Now we’re looking like one to two weeks ahead.

Nick and I will get back into all our vineyards on Friday to see where the sugars are.

This is getting exciting again!

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