Sunday, May 18, 2008

Knowing the Vineyard

Gary Patterson knows every vine and every row of his vineyards as well as our winemaker, Craig Becker knows every drop of wine he's ever made. The first frost hit Lodi and other outlying areas so we were worried about the vineyards we're pulling from. Jon visited Ron Silva's Mourvedre vineyard in the northern appellation, and both Markus Bokisch in Clements Hills' Belle Coline vineyard and Al Bechthold's Cinsault vineyard to the west were spared.
Jon and I like walking the vineyards together, discussing anything & everything about our wines. This is one of those times at the Belle Coline vineyard in Clements Hills. We agree with our winemaker that the Petite Sirah from this hilltop location is an integral component for the Panthos blends. We're getting to know both the sunrises and sunsets pretty well from this hill.

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